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Jun 29, 2015
Jun 7, 2015
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Greenhorn, Male, from UK

RDR for PS3 FOREVER! Jun 7, 2015

TwinHardy was last seen:
Jun 29, 2015
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    Favorite Game Type:
    Killing Cheaters
    Favorite Weapon:
    High Powered Pistol
    Favorite Character:
    Billy Sanchez (Me)
    My greatest killing of a cheater in RDR multiplayer (when it was last working and when I last played online) was back sometime around or near November 2014.
    A player, possibly Rat_In_Hat or Cat_In_Hat or maybe some other cheat (I don't remember off hand sadly) was riding around slaughtering players like a bully on his super fast zebra with autoaim cheat as he sniped head shots killing players with a handgun from range whilst in motion! A pure cheater who did this repeatedly then took off to a new location to bully other players.
    So I, TwinHardy - decided I would be the one to pay him back and restore balance.
    I studied his movements on the map for a while, and he was riding around the whole map super fast on this super speed zebra.
    However I predicted where he was going to head next, and used my camp and travel to waypoint to be at the spot I thought he'd pass through.
    This was to be the greatest ambush kill and also the greatest moment in my online multiplayer RDR experience.
    The location was perfect - a narrow strip of path with trees and bushes on each side and was on a hill side so there was no where to turn for him.
    It was a perfect spot for my plan.
    I waited behind a tree which also had some bushes.
    I had just spawned their and didn't have to wait long at all.
    Sure enough, there he came speeding down this path toward me - nobody but him and me at that location.
    With only split seconds, suddenly I emerged before his path at a slight angle from out behind the tree.
    I had my automatic shotgun and blasted every round in to that super speeding zebra.
    The zebras chest ripped open with a stain of blood bigger than it's head and some of the shotgun blasts also hit him.
    The zebra crashed down flat on it's face and he was flung off it to the ground.
    I quickly reloaded as the cheater quickly scrambled to his feet.
    He must have been badly hurt because instead of trying to shoot me, he panicked and attempted to jump up the slope (I had emerged from) to get cover in the bush behind the tree.
    But his jump didn't quite scale the slope and as he desperately tried to climb the slope, I unloaded another barrage of shotgun blasts in to his back - a massive stain of blood puddled on his spine.
    He collapsed dead right there and I was so proud of my kill I even took a photo of the screen standing over him and his dead Zebra.
    This person had it coming!
    He did me dirt!