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Multi-Account Policy

Discussion in 'News' started by Persht, Dec 12, 2011.

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    First and foremost we're not strict in dealings with 2nd or 3rd accounts. I hardly care that 80% of you have a 2nd account. Simply put, don't cause trouble and we won't ban you.

    1. Your identity will not be shared from here on out, if it is done through an admin member it is done so without reddead.us being involved.

    2. Be careful who you tell. Not everyone is trustworthy... even the people you've known since the game came out.

    3. There will be no vote boosting with multi-accounts.

    4. There will be no fake backup. You may not post your opinion and then go on your other accounts to help instigate and add fuel to a fire.

    5. You may no longer compete in competitions from this post on out unless otherwise specified on more than one account.

    STOP asking how I know. I know because I know multi-accounts. As do many other people I converse with behind the scenes and out of sight.

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