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Question and Answer

Discussion in 'News' started by Persht, Jun 16, 2012.

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    As promised I'm answering some recurring questions.

    When did you start RedDead.us?
    November 2010 is when I started a small forum for a few of my closer friends on RDR to communicate while they were offline and working abroad. In January of 2011 they encouraged me to make an actual site and open it up to as many of my friends and their friends as possible. On January 28th, 2011 RedDead.us was registered and a forum was produced. By the end of the first week we had over 100 registrations and by the 2nd week on towards 400 registrations. We have a small amount of spam registrations. Many forums choose not to filter out spam memberships but as I get time and I see the come in I delete them. This has heavily reduced my total members compared to other sites who choose not to delete those memberships. I do still have some left but as I view the database it is about 5%-10% of our current membership.​

    Do you get anything from RedDead.us?
    RedDead.us is run essentially as a NFP (Not for profit) and currently a hobby site for me. The one advertisement you see at the bottom of the page is the only source of money this site generates. It's generated according to CPM aka Cost per impression. I get a few pennies every 1000 times people view the page and even more when a person clicks an ad. The money does not amount more than the hosting and domain fees and so i cover remaining costs at the end of each month. Donations are now live again and welcome. I did return a few donations a while back and I did explain to those individuals why the donations were returned.​
    I also gain friends and entertainment from the site. That's not monetary but it's worth every penny I spend on the site.​

    Can you see my password and information when I register?
    Yes and no. I can see your IP address which is used to ensure you're not a previously banned member, spam bot, proxy abuser, or to keep track of multi account abusers. I also see the email you use and your age if you select your real DOB. You email and DOB can be changed if you do not like that I can see it. You are free to create another gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc and use that email. Your DOB is not really important to me unless you're under the age of 13.​
    Now for the passwords. I see passwords but they are MD5 encrypted this means a password like 'jello' looks like 'AVdqwsAfDTde4000GTbNEfASDxx' in the database. I see the mumble jumble of letters and numbers but it's encrypted and extremely difficult to decrypt. You can research MD5 encryption yourself and many sites that you frequent use the same method.​

    Does my IP address tell you where I live?
    Yes and no again. I can see the city you live in according the IP but I can't pin point your exact house. The IP trace may also be inaccurate. Again this doesn't matter to me. I see a set of numbers and I match it up to other accounts to help prevent multi account abuse and drama.​
    Despite you feeling insecure about me being able to see this information, your IP address is easily obtained any time you actively engage in an online activity with another user. When you chat, you email, your play a video game, you send a file, and tons of other things. Your IP is being logged somewhere and that information is obtainable from any PC/Laptop. Yes it's even possible with Facebook and MySpace. The fact of the matter is, does this really threaten you? You should research internet security yourself before you assume that a forum is an unsafe website.​

    Do you respect privacy on reddead.us?
    Yes I do. According to our privacy policy (may be missing here to due to new software but i will update when I have time) I will not sell or abuse your information here on reddead.us. Again if any of my staff abuse this, even though they can't view IPs anymore, please feel free to tell me. I will deal with the issue and write you a sincere apology.​
    Now some of you may confuse what I know outside of this site. I can't control the fact that I knew certain things about particular individuals. I confided solely to the affected users when I found out the information. If I told anyone else it because they already knew. If you would like to argue with me on that topic please PM me rather than continue to slander my name and the website.​
    I was not invading any privacy as all the information was publicly available and, in fact, obtained in less than 30 mins of my time by normal every day internet social network use. It's not my fault that they didn't think having a facebook or myspace profile would get them in any sort of trouble.​

    Can you ban a cheater I found on some (game)?
    No matter what you say or do outside of this website I can't punish a member for something they did OUTSIDE of the website. You can of course name and shame them in thieves' landing as well as the Hall of Shame, but I can't do anything about it. I'm also not Sony banhammer or rockstar banhammer. I do not have any power over the game. Please stop sending me messages about this.​

    My friends said he was banned and can't visit the site. Is this true?
    This is more than likely not true. You can search for members here ( http://reddead.us/index.php?members/) and it'll usually say "BANNED" somewhere on the left side of the page. You may also simply ask any of the staff and they can view the banned members list. I rarely ban anyone from the site.​

    Most complaints are a result of a user's work or school blocking our forum due to it not being work/school related. Or they forgot their username/password/email to the site and they can simply solve that by making a new account or messaging any of the staff here or on PSN.​

    Why are you clinging on to a dead game and dead game site?
    I swore I'd run this site until people stopped logging in or I die lol. It's a hobby site. I run this site for the love the game and friends I've made. The game is old and is technically not dead as people still play and the servers are still up and running. Opinions are opinions. Facts are facts.​
    Red Dead Us was, in fact, made for friends. Red Dead Redemption was just a common ground for my friends. I thought it'd be fun to encourage healthy competition by opening up a portion of the site to tournaments and posses and so the site began to expand. Aside from our RDR Topic section our 2nd most active forum is the Off Topic section. Where you can talk about anything and everything that's not drama (don't complain about users there). Gotta love those LOL image threads.​

    Are you the only one posting Persht?
    I may have a big mouth but I can't have done over 2500 threads and 28k replies by myself... About20% of my posts were on the behalf of another member who did not want to post it first or was confused.

    If you believe I did that i think you're smoking something that's a little strong. Pass it over :)

    We actually had a lot more posts but about 4k threads and 34k replies were lost during one of the first major upgrades. A majority of it was way off topic or dramatic so I never bothered to retrieve the old discussions.​

    Why should I bother with a website when I can play and talk to my friends or use facbeook?
    I can't compete with that. It's like comparing fruits and vegetables. Everyone has their preference. Over 900 million people use Facebook. It's a daily routine for millions of people. Why do you think I have a single sign on feature included for our facebook users?​

    The best thing about a website is the anonymity and a different sort of activity. You want short conversations, you post in a facebook group or in a chatroom. You want in depth responses that aren't truncated, then you come here. You want access to wide range of people, you come here. People who log on to this site actually want to read and discuss something. They're not logging in to facebook out of a snoopy routine to see what their BFF's status is. They're not logging into Myspace to add a new favorite song or movie. People login here because they intend to participate. It's no fluke or convenience. People make an effort here.​

    You might also take a moment to compare my site rules with facebook or any other social network.​
    Red Dead Us Board Rules -> http://reddead.us/index.php?threads/224/
    Facebook User Commitment terms/Safety (section 3) -> http://www.facebook.com/legal/terms
    For the many who will not read. It essentially means in insulting posts that are reported and reviewed by facebook will more than likely be removed. It's only a matter of time. But if you read here. You'll find that facebook doesn't seem to care about their users' opinions on a Privacy Policy . Don't just take my opinion for it, read it here- > https://www.facebook.com/notes/face...cebook-site-governance-vote/10151840534290301

    Censorship! I can't post what I want to post! WHY?!
    I can't please everyone. I run a forum with well over a simple 50-200 members (like facebook pages/groups). I have to personally meet requirements set by my server owners. I understand freedom of speech and I can agree that at times my choice in deletion is unfair. That's why I've almost always provided a section on this forum for talking trash to each other. Many of the posts are not moderated and are loosely governed by our rules.​

    Many of the complaints of censorship are invalid. It is not my fault or staff's fault if you do not use our search feature or know how to use a forum. Many of the posts are MOVED to appropriate sections. This is done to help organize the site. A defining difference from regular chatrooms or things like Facebook groups is that you can search through posts. It is organized.​
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